V2: Accessibility

Statistics and data should be equally available to all, not given to some people before others. They should be published at a sufficient level of detail and remain publicly available.

What you should commit to

V2.1 Statistics producers must provide free and equal access to regular and ad hoc official statistics.

V2.2 Statistics, data and related guidance should be easily accessible to users. The needs of different types of users and potential users should be considered when determining ways of presenting and releasing the statistics and data.

V2.3 The needs of people with disabilities must be considered. Statistics and data should be released using accessible communication formats and means which should work with the most commonly-used assistive technologies.

V2.4 Statistics, data and metadata, including those available through data services, should be released at the greatest level of detail that is practicable to meet user needs. They should be consistent with common data standards and protocols wherever possible.

V2.5 Open and transparent information on supplementary statistical services should be made available. Where organisations decide to charge for supplementary analyses, they should make the pricing policy publicly available.

V2.6 Statistics, data and metadata should continue to be publicly available, including when organisational websites are changed, and be archived as required in line with relevant legislation.

Guidance and resources

Description Link Source
A webpage that brings together guidance and resources on communicating statistics. Communicating statistics webpage Analysis Function
The e-learning provides an overview of best practice approaches for creating and publishing basic data visualisations, and making them more accessible to all Data visualisation e-learning Analysis Function
The guidance sets out a common approach, based on recognised good practice, for releasing statistics in spreadsheets. Releasing statistics in spreadsheets Analysis Function
This guidance provides advice on how government departments should treat management information to get maximum value from it while protecting public trust in official statistics. The sections of this guidance relating to pre-release access are mandatory. Publishing management information Analysis Function
A list of pre-release access orders. These orders set out the principles and rules that govern pre-release access to official statistics in their final form before publication. Pre-Release Access Orders, including devolved administrations UKSA
New regulations mean public sector organisations have a legal duty to make sure websites and apps meet accessibility requirements. The accessibility regulations aim to help make sure online public services are accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. Accessibility regulations UK Government
Government Digital Service (GDS) guidance on using social media in the public sector. It aims to share GDS best practice. GDS Social Media Playbook GDS
A Government Digital Service (GDS) blog about understanding accessibility. GDS blog: What we mean when we talk about accessibility GDS
A GDS blog with tips for designing outputs for a variety of users such as screen readers and those with dyslexia, low vision and physical or motor disabilities. GDS blog: Do’s and don’ts designing for accessibility GDS
A GDS blog with tips on how to think about colour use in your webpages. GDS blog: Colour contrast and why does it matter GDS
A GDS blog discussing the need to consider the access needs of other people before you can confidently say that your service is accessible. GDS blog: Consider the range of people that will use your product or service GDS
A guide by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) that helps producers of statistics explain the sources and methods for producing statistics (metadata). Getting the Facts Right: A guide to presenting metadata (PDF, 19.78MB) UNECE
The UN's Common Metadata Framework concentrates on practical and theoretical aspects of statistical metadata systems. UN Common Metadata Framework UN