Code universal principles

Universal principles for ensuring trustworthiness, quality and value

Here is a short summary of key aspects of the Code of Practice for Statistics that you can keep in mind in your work. These are the heart of the Code of Practice that we encourage anyone using data to consider and apply.

For any dilemma you face, you can find the answer by thinking TQV. Save the infographic to your mobile phone.


  • Show integrity – suitably trained staff supported to be ethical, honest, objective, professional
  • Apply transparent approaches – about plans and progress, release, public engagement, quality management
  • Manage data safely and securely – trained staff working work in line with legal and ethical obligations


  • Use suitable data – explain sources and limitations clearly
  • Apply sound methods – be open about choices and limitations
  • Understand quality and uncertainty issues – communicate judgements and monitor for change


  • Remain relevant – understand the needs of users and stakeholders and be open to innovate
  • Be accessible – ensure equality of access if publishing and keep information available
  • Present data clearly – provide clear insights on important questions