For senior leaders

By complying with the Code, your organisation will show that:

  • It is ethical and honest in using any data
  • It has a strong culture of professional analysis
  • It respects evidence
  • It is open and transparent about the strengths and limitations of its statistics
  • It communicates accurately, clearly and impartially
  • It is committed to engaging publicly to understand user needs

These outcomes are underpinned by the three pillars of Trustworthiness, Quality and Value.

Compliance also shows that your organisation does not:

  • Share unpublished data and statistics without authorised pre-release access
  • Selectively quote favourable data
  • Use other people’s data without checking the data’s reliability first


The Code applies to everyone in your organisation that works with statistics. Your Head of Profession is the main source of professional advice on implementing the Code.  Trustworthiness, Quality and Value can support public confidence in other analytical outputs your department publishes. This website also includes information about voluntary application of the Code which provides a flexible way to implement the Code in an organisation.

The Office for Statistics Regulation assesses compliance with the Code of Practice for Statistics. To understand the tools we use to do this, please refer to Code of Practice for Statistics: Our regulatory approach.