This is a case study for Principle V2: Accessibility.

HM Land Registry is responsible for publishing the UK House Price Index (HPI), a measure that captures changes in the value of residential properties. It does this on behalf of the wider Working Group, which includes the Office for National Statistics, Registers of Scotland and Land and Property Services Northern Ireland.

Together with the main statistical report, HM Land Registry publishes a summary guidance document, About the UK House Price Index, and supporting historic data tables in Comma Separate Value (CSV) format. It has also developed an interactive data tool which allows users to create bespoke data tables. The tool is a dynamic and responsive way for users to access data, and the data in the tool are refreshed monthly.

In response to user feedback, HM Land Registry made a number of improvements to the reports, data tables and the interactive tool, including:

  • Releasing additional breakdowns of data in the CSV tables and linked data, such as house sale volumes for cash/mortgage sales and new/existing properties
  • Publishing revisions tables for the previous 12 months to provide transparency
  • Increasing the data available in the interactive data tool, such as buyer status, property status and funding status breakdowns
  • Introducing new functionality to compare multiple locations through the interactive data tool
  • Promoting the interactive tool, resulting in thousands of new users
  • Introducing additional commentary and download options for all charts and tables including within the reports themselves

Through presenting the statistics and data in different ways, and considering the needs of different users, HM Land Registry has improved the accessibility of the statistics and enhanced the usefulness and value of the data.