This is a case study for Principle V2: Accessibility.

The Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA) present statistics on Northern Ireland tourism across a number of published reports and through access to data.

The publications are easily digestible and published at a sufficient level of detail with a variety of different tourism measures. The analysis is straightforward and incorporates other relevant information, such as exchange rates and employment figures, in some cases.

NISRA uses infographics well, and provides users with a data visualisation tool alongside Northern Ireland Local Government District Tourism Statistics, which is also available in a mobile version. In most cases the graphical presentation of key statistics enhances their readability and usability.

NISRA released its NI tourism statistics in machine-readable CSV format and made historic statistical reports available to users.  Finally, website navigation was improved by providing access to all its core publications through sidebar web links and consolidated web pages holding supporting information.

The statisticians provide commentary and graphics that engage a wide range of users, not just the expert tourism user.